Goals Achieved!!!

I was not able to sleep that night. I know my flight is at morning and I’m supposed to wake up early. I was restless and still felt hard to digest the fact that finally I’m going out of country for few weeks. It’s a foreign vacation which I was dreaming since my childhood. To use my passport before it gets expired was like a distant dream. Even in my dreams I never thought I will visit any foreign countries.
5 years before when I start blogging, I never thought the wishes I had mentioned then will be fulfilled. Yes, I have become a true driver and now my passport is more than an ID proof. It was like living the sweetest dream. Traveling to various countries and experiencing places which was only seen in movies. Living a day with more than 24 hours and a day with less than 24 hours and to realize what jet lag actually meant. Having a really long day when sun rises at 7 and sets at 10 night. Experiencing what actual change of seasons meant. Living in such a beautiful place which is so neat and pleasant. Living between people who just lives their life to full extent. Living in place which  displayed what actual gender equality means and how to co-exist in society. There are no words to explain the feelings that were inside me during my visit. I never felt so happy and satisfied. For first time in life, I felt I’m actually living and I was happy from core.

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