Special Women’s Day!!!

It was a bright sunny day as usual. Our city has 3 types of climate every year – hot,hotter,hottest. It’s starting of March and mercury was already spiking to announce arrival of “actual” summer. I reached office and started to go through my mails. There were lots of mails on functions and celebrations to be conducted for Women’s Day which happened to be on next day . I never heard of such a day in childhood. Nowadays, when March 8th comes, there will be ads, offers and what not as part of Women’s Day celebrations. For me only attraction for Women’s Day is the goodies provided at office. I still remember, on my first Women’s Day at office, which was around 5 years back, I got a perfect lanyard along with rose and snacks. I missed to get a good lanyard during joining so was very happy. Following years they didn’t give anything exciting but had formal celebrations. Suddenly, one mail caught my sight. First I thought it’s a general mail to everyone so it’s coming as addressed to me. But as I kept on reading the content, I realized its intended to me alone. In one word my reaction to the mail was shock. “Is it really happening or am I dreaming?” I was invited as Chief Speaker for Women’s day celebration of another distant team. Out of all Women employees they chose me as an eligible candidate. Wow! that was amazing. It took me few minutes to dig myself into the content. Wordings were like “we’re organizing a Women’s day event specific to our team. In our team, we have 21 aspiring women and it would be great if an inspiring Women leader like you be our Guest Speaker and share your career journey with us!”. Smile came to my face while I kept on repeatedly reading the mail and my mind was filled with pride and happiness. In next second, it turned to fear and confusion. Women’s day was next day and I have to prepare for a motivational speech in a day. It was not impossible but becoming one of the guest of honors for first time in life should be the best. I can’t take a risk here as this can affect the confidence level in me. Mail itself was a privilege. I calculated and recalculated everything in mind and decided to reject it politely. Still I was double minded on missing the golden opportunity but on second thought I realized I can’t prepare myself as center of attraction in such a short time. Even though I rejected the offer I made me understand that I have reached a level in career where people wants to get inspired from my life. This thought itself brought a significant impact on my mind. On this Women’s Day I decided not to miss any opportunity in future and to be always prepared. This one suddenly came out of the blue but it opened my eyes to how I have kept myself in my comfort zone and it’s high time to occupy the stage. Eagerly waiting for next chance which I wish to come soon…

P.S. – I became one of the judges of their photo contest. Judging a contest was also first time and it went well 🙂

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