Undeniable Reality !!!

Oh!look there
What a beautiful flower
So bright and radiant
Spreading fragrance all over
Butterflies were so happy
They were fully allured.

Not long away, an ordinary flower bloom
Expecting the day to come
When at least one butterfly
Will break out of enchantment
To taste his ravishing nectar
Which is also equally delicious and exhilarating.

Perpetual Face of Life!!!

Life is like a drama, more of a one-man show
Expecting one to play versatile characters
To fall in with the contemporary shows. 
Life is like a masquerade party,
Selecting a perfect mask each time from a million 
To match the present-day party theme pleasantly .

Life is like a nightmare, living in a fear of losing 
Scared of reflecting self in mirror sometime
With the anxiety of giving away the flawless image.
Life is like a Pandora box, sealed with unendurable pain
Covered with transparent inner voice and feelings
With the hope of keeping it contained forever.

Life is like an iceberg, floating freely all over
Revealing only the adorable tip 
While hiding the mayhem underneath.
Life is like a big question, which only happen once
Just to revolve around agony and self-consciousness.
Why not break the egg shell, to let it unleash around
As there will be always a path for existence !

Are you happy ?

Are you happy?
Murmured by a sweet voice
Genuine question heard after long
Surprisingly came from my little one
But surely worthwhile to think of.

Are you happy?
Like a drop which paved way for a rainfall
Mind piled up with numerous thoughts of “what ifs”
River of everlasting regrets flowed through heart
“What if” life has taken a detour at apt time
Would the buried aspirations been attained.

Are you happy?
Like the breathtaking rainbow after the downpour
Mind began to flow towards optimistic path
Wish-bucket-stack is largely popped out
Loving family, caring friends, aspiring career,
Freedom to enjoy the life in own way
Above all, to sight the lovely smile of my cutie pie
Just erase all negative-ness in this world.

Are you happy?
Yes, I’m happy
Yes, I’m content with my life
Yes, I love my life
After all, happiness is always a choice.

Happy New Year !!!

2021… Perfect example of lockdown impact. While posting this I realized, I have not posted for almost a year now. This shows the impact on imagination and creativity. People are lacking innovation and change in their lifestyle. Life has become monotonous inside four walls of the house. Even though I don’t agree completely, but I can feel the limit I have been facing in each and every step. For me 2021, gave some new experiences. Freshness of new home, joy of making new friends, reinstating long gone passion. It helped me to dig out my desire which was buried for a decade. I have accustomed to this easy going life but i still wish for a damakedaar 2022. 

Bbye 2020… Looking forward 2021!!!

2020 like the rare symmetry in the name was rare too. Noone would have imagined that they will witness such a year. All thanks to covid-19 everyday was limited to just the normal routine with no surprises. Internet played the role of God which kept life to move on and families to be intact. I never thought whatever I felt to be prosperous always can take a downfall. Setting aside the surprise factor, it was a great year for me in parenting and professional perspective. I hope 2021 will bring back the old days.

PS – New year post is kinda by default. I was writing this for pretty long but unfortunately posting it after so long. It’s anyways better to be late than never.

Well, I never (did) !!!

You astonished me
Turning illusion to reality
Just like those sci-fi movies
You conquered the whole world 
People were caged at home
Soldiers marched through streets

You amazed me
Turning the need ‘travel’ to inessential
Erasing the words Tourism and Airlines
You made it to collapse
Bringing back primitive life
Which is just meant for survival

You surprised me
Turning tainted world to virtuous
Bringing a stop to man made disasters
You restrained nature’s purity
Letting nature take revenge
In it’s own sweet unique style

You startled me
Prioritizing relation over self
Sidelining work and learnings
You restored meaning of family
Forcing people to stay under one roof
To redefine the relationships

You astounded me
Turning one whole year to monotonous
Changing modus operandi of living
You proved life moves on by taking a detour
Irrespective of adverse happenings
To reach the predefined destinations

On-the-Spot Wish !!!

There is this place which I wanted to make my destiny, where I wanted to get settled. However, life won’t give you everything you desire or wished for. It flows in its own pace which none can control. My first trip to this place was around 11 years back. It was short and unplanned but memorable. Second trip was around 7 years back to visit my sister who got settled there. I had added few sight-seeing as part of that trip and got a chance to visit an iconic place. While roaming around the place, a residential complex caught my attention. Complex was at prime location and was not affordable at all. I wished it would have been good if I get an opportunity to live in that community for at least a day. Today, when I sit beside the lake of the complex and living there for more than a month, I feel it was really worth it. It’s not the posh environment that attracted me but the calmness and surrounded sereneness. It’s magical. It’s always nice to sit beside a lake every evening during pleasant weather and listen to your favorite songs. Being embraced with cold and chill wind, it’s always refreshing for me. Icing to the cake is the multiple fountains in the lake and surrounding along with festive lighting all over place and trees. Even though it was just an instant wish which was long forgotten realizing it happened for real makes me believe that miracles still happen. Wait was long but still it goes with the saying It’s better to be late than never.

Lost Battles!!!

You came with lots of hope,
Surrounded by colors of rainbow
Little I know those colors converge,
To show light to the path of loss

You killed the inner perfectionist in one shot,
Leaving only place for regret and sorrow
What happens to be fool proof prior plans,
Ended up in state of despair and randomness
Erasing the flavor of success achieved,
Through millions of awesome plans

You killed the long ambition in heart,
Snatching it mercilessly from hand
Leaving a complete vacuum inside,
As it was rightfully desired and earned
It left an urge to question even,
Transparency of crystal clear water

You killed the aspiration in life,
By giving away the hard earned gem
That too with a heavy mind,
Without a tear and gesture of sigh
Feelings to yearn something in future,
Ended up getting buried deep forever

You are still in beginning phase,
Still you crushed everything to powder
Now it’s a nightmare to imagine,
What is in store ahead in darkness.


It was the holiday season of the year and I can say I made most out of it. There were few family trips planned back to back and I made sure the trips were worthwhile. These visits also involved going to elderly relatives of in-laws. Drawback of these family trips is that you will be worn out and with a kid around you won’t get enough time to revive. During these downtime, office is my only savior where I can get some personal space and time. I know office will be mostly empty during this time but I had anyways two meetings to attend which was pretty important. I woke up to a rainy morning on the day I planned to make my office visit. Thus, clash of opinion started between my heart and brain. Heart was cent percent sure that meetings will get cancelled but brain was with the opinion of giving it a try. Work from home has become equivalent to impossible with her around. Whatever be the scenarios the motherly feeling inside, urge me to sit with her whole day. I was indulging in these confusions when I saw ping from someone in official chat group. Operations manager requested me to take a small session on career aspirations to our associate team on that day afternoon. I acknowledged with a yes immediately on the thought of addressing a small group of people won’t be a big deal. I never had the clue on what that black box request will reveal. When I reached office, my eye caught a poster which was there in all notice boards in my floor. I was astonished when I read the content. Oh man! This career aspiration session appears to be an org wide initiative and senior managers will also be part of it. I was still recovering from the shock that a mail with time and venue details of the session popped up. Wow! welcome mail has also come. I felt I will be screwed today. Suddenly the to list of mail caught my attention. Alas there are some common names there. I ran to those guys to understand the depth of the function. I felt relieved that they too is going for a plain speech without any presentation. I was bewildered that they were informed 4-5 days prior about the session. How come I was alone missed out? Shit! Suddenly I remembered. That manager had pinged me few days back but I was so busy in my outings that I missed to reply. Everything made sense now. Anyways being a senior person I never had the option to turn down the request. Getting invitation few days prior may have helped in preparing myself or would have been of no use too. Now as the seriousness of the session hit me, I decided to prepare for my “speech”. I noted down few points and took a print out of it as it can come handy. Finally the “D-time” arrived. I was supposed to be 3rd or 4th speaker. As the guest of honor took more than allotted time, whole list of speakers got shuffled and somehow, it happened that I was the one who was going to kick start on the career session speeches. While they were admiring me on my career life, I walked to the Dias cursing myself on why I mentioned to that manager that I need to leave early for the day. Just because of that they called me first. Whole environment has given me an adrenaline rush. I know I looked totally pale when I stood facing the audience. The view from there is always frightening for me at least for the first few minutes. I somehow picked myself up and began with my “little speech”. I was accompanied by one of my ex teammates in Dias while I was addressing the audience. I felt that he was my backup in case I didn’t agree for their late request. I was satisfied at the end of my talk as I felt I was able to bring some light on the broader and deeper perspective of the role. I don’t know whether it was useful for them though. My expectation was on receiving some memento but as any other official conference it got wrapped up by the snack box. I was on cloud nine when my senior manager said “Speech was good”. Anyways, whether it was genuine appreciation or not will remain unknown. 

Tata 2019…Heloo 2020!!!

New year post is a never miss one for me. It’s always better to be late than never. It has become a recurring dialogue for past few years that it “appeared to be the fastest” year. As it looks like all the coming years will be the same, I’m keeping aside that phrase from this year. Life has become hectic with full of responsibilities so days running away is no longer a surprise. So, coming back to 2019, what I can say about you. You are my US dream fulfillment year. It’s the first time I was away from her for more than a day. Separating from her was painful. Even though it neutralized all the excitement I had for years of going, still I made sure my travel checklist is done. 2019 was a year of travel satisfaction. Even within the country and local trips with family are memorable. Other major turn outs happens to be owning a second flat, my kid’s first year of school, undergoing a minor surgery with lots of drama and loses, career stagnation due to multiple manager changes, witnessing the reality of water crisis, first ever experience of becoming an invited speaker of a career aspiration function and list goes on. Overall it was another good year to cherish and has given hopes to look forward for the coming year. It’s bit disturbing that the new year started with uncertainties in all phases of life – career, parental & personal. My wish for 2020 is that let everything fall into place as expected and no new challenge arouse over the same. Fingers crossed…