Survival Logic!!!

She was on her favorite bench under trees,
Watching greenery and flowers bloomed in park,
Suddenly two adjacent rose plants caught her attention,
One was fresh with a beautiful perfect flower and other was withered with a dull flower,
Both looked of same kind and gardener was watering both and taking care in same way,
Still she was confused why one survived better in similar conditions,
She couldn’t resist and raised the concern to the gardener,
He replied if you see closer withered one is bit older than other,
It was the first of its kind here
We were ignorant of its needs and what will be perfect for it,
It was late when nourishing started but somehow saved it from dying,
With a sign he concluded, mistakes happen only once,
second one bloom with proper care
As he continued towards his chore, she was left on the thought
Sometimes it’s true first of all kind ends up as testing ones,
which has to perish so that following ones can cherish

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