You Reap What You Sow !!!

It was a Saturday night. She was laying in her bed and was going through social networks. She suddenly remembered it was one of her friends’ engagement that day. She had wished her previous night itself as she couldn’t make it to the function. She pinged her and asked about the function and to share photos. Girl replied she don’t have any now and one of their classmates who attended the function has taken. She had little chit chat with her before winding up the chat and thought of pinging the guy who has photos. She was not comfortable talking to that guy because of differences happened between them during college. On other side, she was desperate to see the pics so she reluctantly pinged that guy. He sent around 50-60 photos of the function while she just wanted to see how her friend and fiancé looked during the ceremony. After thanking for sharing the pics, she started a casual talk with him. It was very general about life and future plans. She felt there is an uneasiness while he talks about someone’s marriage or engagement. He was very disturbed. Being curious to know the problem, she asked him about his marriage plans.  She never expected she will be a victim of such a long exasperated chat. He started to narrate his “sad” story with reason of his status being single as not getting any good alliance and added he never thought he will remain unmarried this long that someone will ask this question to him. She was astonished. As far as she knows, he had one girlfriend from school days itself and their relation is accepted by their families too. In addition to that, he had many “followers” in class among whom one was very much obsessed with him. As she was dealing with her confusion in mind, he responded with the turning point that took place in his life. He confessed he had one girlfriend and more than one time-pass relations during college days (also after that) but unfortunately, his girlfriend cheated him at such an inapt time that all his “fans” got married or engaged. Reading this, she couldn’t control her laughter. Yeah it’s true, during college days he used to flirt with more than one girl at a time even though he was in a relation with his family friend’s daughter. He was never ready to accept his relationship status and used to play with other people’s feelings.  He believed in having “backups” in case one does not work out. He is technically good and has a pleasing charm while speaking which pulled girls towards him. As someone comes to know him better, they will realise he’s a cunning, flirt and selfish person who believes in show off. Unluckily, once you fall for a person, it will be tough to come out even if you knows the truth. His idol in college itself used to be a guy who was the canniest person in class. So, his attitude was expected. She was pulled back to present on reading his message on latest incident for which he seemed to be pissed off till now. He liked an alliance but that girl got married to one of his schoolmates who is less good looking and less earning than him but has a government job. He started to generalize on girls that they need security, money and is ready to marry any idiot on their parents wish. If it’s so painful, she suggested him to marry any girl of his parents’ choice irrespective of his liking. He blankly rejected her suggestion as he wants everything to be best in his life. She gave a sarcastic smile reading his response. She consoled him that everything has a time and whatever happens is for good. She wished him good night as she was feeling heavy-eyed and wrapped up the chat. When she closed her eyes, before sleep can conquer her, the image of the girl flashed in her mind with whose feelings he has played in the past which has left her heartbroken and shattered for long time. A satisfactory smile was there in her lips while her heart rejoiced on the thought that he’s going through same agony and frustration which he had once given to someone. Sometimes we are forced to believe that ‘You reap what you sow’.

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