Life Journey – Part II !!!

It was the first time I was going away from home. I still remember the day when I got the first glimpse of the training campus of my first company. I was spellbound seeing the vastness and beauty of campus. It was indeed a mesmerizing sight. Training days were hectic but campus, climate and stay was simply awesome. Weekend movies at multiplex, celebrations in campus, night outs with friends, weekend outings & shopping, enthralling view of famous Palace with lighting and Golden Throne during festival season, walking or cycling in the campus when cool breeze is gusting, musical fountain in eve in front of training “palace” (Our training building was indeed a palace, it was really big and was a replica of White House) and the list goes on. I had a chance of meeting people from all over the country and to experience hostel life. Everything was super awesome but it do came with a cost. Late night studies for passing exams, regular food poisoning and frequent health issues. On training front too, I was able to come with flying colors with good score which was like icing to cake. Lots of ups and downs still 7 months of training is simply treasured. Each day spent in the campus is memorable. Once it so happened that we went out for a birthday treat to a restaurant outside and it became really late when we were all done. There was no restriction in campus except any trainee should enter campus before 11 pm at night or after 5 am in morning. It was already 10:30 pm and we needed two autos to return to campus which was a bit far from the restaurant. Somehow we got the autos and we all jumped in looking at watch counting each second. When we were able to see the campus, a bit of relief came in our face. Then suddenly the auto driver told he’s not able to stop the auto as break is almost gone. We were dumbstruck and my heart missed a beat. There was a speed breaker after the campus gate which slowed the auto a bit and two guys and the driver jumped and stopped the auto at almost 500-600 m away from the gate. It felt like we got our breath back and at the same time felt very angry towards the driver. We didn’t have time to argue so we just paid him and ran towards campus gate. While running everyone was staring at their watch. When we reach the badge swiping machine, it was 10:58 pm. Security people was looking at us with an evil smile and smirked saying lucky. We all started laughing once we were inside the campus. After that we never took such risk. Even though posting didn’t come in good spirits as we have to leave the campus and place of posting also was very disappointing, the only relief was the whole gang was going. Post training life never felt like I’m in a corporate world, it was almost like second college with new set of friends. Long chatting & debates in office, celebrations, cultural programs, everyday train journey & gossips, campus, how managers in nearby cubicles asked us to be quiet when we were shouting and chatting. That 4 years of IT life gave lots of memories which always brings a smile on face and satisfaction in mind. Among all memories funniest was train incident. I was late for my regular morning train to office. Train just started to move as I reached the station. Without having any second thought, I blankly waived my hand in front of train as I’m trying to stop a bus. Realization happened soon and I pulled back my hand. At the same time, unexpected happened. Train actually stopped. I was in shock for a moment then jumped to the nearby compartment. My heart was beating fast and I was catching my breath when train started to move again. After few minutes, shock changed into amusement and I started to smile. There were many other funnier situations like return journey after colleague’s sis wedding. We had to catch a train from station which was two hours far from the wedding venue. We started four hours prior to the train timing. Unfortunately, we got into a bus which was going very slow that it was even overtaken by a cycle. With the pace of bus, we all doubted on catching train. As time passed by, tension changed into frustration. Suddenly, bus overtook a bullock cart, in order to ease the pressure, one of my colleagues started to clap and we followed. We were surprised when everyone in bus joined us in clapping which revealed they are in same state of mind as ours. When the clapping and laughing finally subsided, we started to have chit-chat with co-passengers. Based on their suggestion, we got down in between and went in auto to station so that we don’t miss the train. Thanks to Railways that train was late and we were able to catch the train.

As everyone started to part ways to move forward in life, enjoyment in office started to fade. I also changed company to fulfill my career aspirations. There was another reason also as our batch promotions were alone held without a genuine reason when our co-trainees got their promotion. Joining the new company was completely different ball game. I felt like after 4 years of IT life only I had stepped into “actual” corporate world. Here, everything was a race and we should have a really good pace to catch-up. I struggled really hard to be among in the front of the race. My hardship was rewarded with a quick promotion and I was like in cloud nine. Fun was nowhere to be seen unlike the first company and I was surrounded with colleagues and not friends. Best parts were decent salary, dining at five star hotels which was out of bounds once upon a time, frequent outings. Even though outings were fun as I was able to visit many new places and experience many new things, it was not as fun as going with friends.

Even after three years in new company, I really miss the first company and friends there. Only relief is no one is there in the old company now and I was able to pull one of my dearest friends to new company.

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