Life Journey – Part I !!!

It was a Saturday night and cool breeze was blowing. I thought of having a walk around my apartment. In middle of the walk, it started to shower. I went to my balcony to enjoy the summer rain. Memories started to pour in on how much I adored rainy days in my childhood. I still remember how selfish I used to be during my childhood. I never shared anything with anyone other than my sister that too half minded. My whole world at that time revolved around my parents and mainly sister. My only aim in life was to study and to get good score. If I slash centum in Maths that used to be like icing to the cake. I was, still proud that I was one of the brightest students of my batch. Even though I was too focused in studies, most memorable event of school life will be still the final annual day, 12th standard annual day. It was always one of my lifetime wishes to participate in an annual day cultural event and also to receive an academic award during the function in casual dress. It was school rule that academically bright students will be rewarded during annual day and student has to collect their prize in school uniform unless they are participating in one of the cultural events. My wish got fulfilled that day. Our event was so hit that it got telecasted in television. I was on cloud nine. Funniest part was to get the photo from the teacher in charge of annual day, in which I was receiving the award from Director General of Police. Makeup for our dance event was that extreme, none was able to recognize me. Sir had kept the photo in staffroom wondering who the student is. When he got to know it’s me, all teachers had a good laugh staring at me and the photo at the same time. That was one of the embarrassed moment too, standing alone in front of more than 50 teachers having a good laugh at you. Definitely, school days was the golden period of life. The big school campus, huge playground, trekking to hill top nearby and how we were out of breath, early morning serene beauty with greenery covering whole school campus, with rare mind pleasing sight of peacock groups roaming around in playground from the nearby forest.

I was cherishing my childhood memories when rain almost stopped and cool breeze started to blow again. Cool breeze especially the ones after rain always remind me of my college gallery. It was in college I learned friendship and relation is also important in life as achieving academic excellence. College life made me realize mingling with people is inevitable for a successful and happy life. I felt it’s during college child grows into an adult where the feeling of individualism come into existence. You will feel you are an independent grown up person and has the whole world to explore. The urge to do something new in life kicks in. May be because of that for me most remarkable experience in college was the annual tours with friends which were not even fabulous but also superb and remarkable. Still, it didn’t mold me differently. I was still the old academic freak who burnt midnight oil during study holidays to achieve a good score. My efforts did bring the results. Along with becoming college topper, I was able to attain University 5th Rank. As an addition, I also banged the 2nd prize for inter college project competition.It was a group project and we didn’t leave any stone unturned to make it a success. Project days are still afresh in my mind. How we gathered on holidays to work on the project and those happy moments when we embraced and congratulated each other whenever we see positive outputs and how we cracked the project puzzle step by step without any help. These are the most triumph moments in college life. This won’t suppress the other happier moments, or the real treasured moments which brings a smile on my face by just on the thought of it. Long chatting with friends in gallery, mass bunk for movies, classroom celebrations, small clashes, long nights in college campus for cultural programs, night outs at friends place, last minute assignments and record writing,  experience of beautiful feelings like love and friendship, group outing to the stream in the campus and playing in water like small kids and the list goes on. Nothing can take the place of these beautiful memories which will be revered till my last breath.  Thinking of college life one that comes to my mind first is the most funniest as well as intense incident. I still remember that night during Fifth semester study holidays. I and my best friend was having group study at her home that too on the subject for which we never had a professor and unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the most important and toughest subjects of our entire curriculum. Being Government College, this was only a normal scenario. Suddenly, my phone rang and one of my classmates started to say on how she was unable to crack the concepts of the subject. As we were studying the subject for past few days, we said that we will teach her gist of the subject tomorrow in college. We thought it will be like a revision for us and she too agreed happily. We planned to meet in classroom by 10 in morning. When we reached classroom next day, the scene was both surprising and shocking. Almost 90% of the class was available which is very much not expected during study leaves.Never mind the study leaves, even during normal lectures this much attendance is unexpected. To add tension, everyone was looking at us and that too smiling. Girl who called came to us and told she passed the message to her hostel mates that we are coming to teach her and it somehow spread like fire and whole class has come to attend the “lecture”. Those who are not present currently are on the way. My jaw dropped as she completed. Literally, it means whole class has come to hear my “lecture”. I looked around at the smiling faces. Another girl handover the teaching instruments, chalk and duster and asked to start. My legs and hands were trembling when I was stepping on the dice. I stood in front of whiteboard facing the class, closed my eyes for a second and then started the “lecture”. Time just flew and it was nearing lunch time when one of our all-time class bunkers came to the class. Everyone was surprised. He laughed and explained he just came to see whole class as he has not seen everyone together for long. We all had a good laugh and dispersed for lunch. I almost took classes for two continuous days on the subject to give a gist of four modules. I felt gratified even though I was scared initially.

Rain completely stopped and I was pulled back to present. It was dinner time and everyone was waiting for me. I went to them cherishing the golden moments of school and college life in my mind.

Obviously, school and college days are best part of our life as we were under our parent’s care and love. Real challenge comes when we steps out of our parent’s protection shell to a complete strange world.Life took a complete churn when I stepped out of my parent’s home post my graduation to join the IT world. Real journey of life started then…

(To be continued)

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