Impact of Professionalism!!!

As usual I was going through Watsapp and Facebook messages in cab on my way back home from office. I noticed someone has shared lots of images in which frequently referred words in IT(software) world is used in between normal chit chats or casual conversations. Some of them were really funny and I had a good laugh. At the same time, I had the thought in mind that this is not a practical scenario as it has never happened with me even myself being an IT professional and it can’t have such a great influence in someone’s daily routines. Days passed by. It was a Thursday and I was very happy. I was going home after a long gap of 3 months. Going home always brings pleasant feeling. I miss my home and my place terribly. Even small small things like wind, people, atmosphere, rains, greenery etc etc thought of which itself pulls me to a pool of memories. Thought of going home itself brings a 100 watt smile on my face. I was super excited this time as I was going for almost 5 days. I packed my things and caught the night train. It was early morning when I reached my place and my dad was waiting for me in station. On the way home, I enjoyed the morning breeze, rising Sun, fog and mind blowing serene beauty with greenery all around. I was mesmerized by the beauty of dawn. When I reached home, my mom was waiting in front of home with my morning cup of tea. I started to feel like a princess again. I was sipping my morning tea standing in my home porch watching people going in either directions busy with their morning activities. Suddenly someone called me from behind. I turned to see my cousin who was standing with a sweet smile. She is an adorable girl of 10 years old. I didn’t know she was there in my home. She stays nearby with her parents and grand-mom. Some days she stay back in my home as my parents are alone. There is also a personal advantage for her. My dad is the best Maths teacher in the world. He has his own special ways of dealing with numbers while teaching and he makes sure we get the concept completely. He always says once the base is strong, we will be able to solve any problems. I too believes the same. He was my teacher from childhood and because of him I was able to understand the magic of numbers. He was always my favorite teacher because of his patience and way of explaining theories. I asked about her well being and she started to narrate about her school, teachers, exams and list went on. She told she got exam papers and she has scored well. Saying that she went upstairs to get her answer papers. I started to check her papers one by one. Really she has scored good. Suddenly, my eyes fell on her English paper. Not bad, she has scored 48 and half out of 50. I was impressed as I used to be weak in English and get lowest score always. She said she lost half mark in one question but she couldn’t figure out why. I read the answer she wrote for the long answer question and  found the mistake she did. Without second thought I told her “You missed to ON CAPS LOCK while writing the beginning of this sentence”. She looked at me stunned. Damn! I really said that. I too was shocked. Before she asked what I meant, I told her in layman’s terms “You missed to write capital letter at the beginning of this sentence because of which you lost that half mark”. While she was busy on checking the mistake I pointed out, I was lost in my own thoughts, were all the funny images of interference of IT world words in day to day life, was flashing in front of me like a slide show. Everything looked so funny and seemed impractical till now. It was oblivious that our professional life has such a great impact on our behavior, attitude, language, life style, interaction with people and so on. I realized my professional and personal life is intertwined and this corporate world is going to mold me further but for better or worst is yet to be seen.

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