Happy New Year!!!

I must say 2015 was another fastest year of my life. I remember the same with 2014 also. It seems like coming years is going to run in similar way. 2015 fulfilled most of my ambitions towards my career. I got the fastest promotion in team even though hike was very disappointing. But it didn’t stop in bringing a feeling of pride and satisfaction. I started to take job interviews which was like one of the dreams come true. I’m happy to see tick marks in my career aspirations list one by one.Team got transformed. We got a new manager. I hope he will do something to change the team culture. Also,my “enemy” left the team. Even though we had many indifference, I felt bad when he left company as he was the only fun loving person in team and always takes initiative for outings. I became ready to take next step in my personal life. 2015 was also an year of marriages. Two of my cousins got married. One married his love and other cousin’s marriage got fixed after a long period of groom hunting and smile on her face was priceless. One of my best friends got married but I couldn’t make it to his wedding due to personal constraints. Next generation came in our family, my cousin gave birth to a baby boy. It was like another promotion in same year. After college and school summer vacations, had an experience of “winter vacation”. Whole of November and December was like a long holiday. Reason was not pleasant as our city got hit by a natural calamity. Thanks to Almighty that our area was safe. It was a break from work even though I felt bad for people who suffered. I pray to God for their faster recovery. 2015 went with bringing new rays of hope towards life. Looking forward to 2016 and wishing more good things to happen.

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