She sat on a lonely bench, with a smile on her face,
Smiling as she’s talking to the mild breeze,
Though hot, it was refreshing and touched her soul,
Daily she has the same question to ask,
Why I feel alone, what I’m missing in life,
As understanding her, it replies by blowing fast to soothe her pain,
Are you missing love or care in life, it whispered,
Not love, beautiful feeling of falling in love is still fresh in her mind,
Definitely not care either, so what’s she’s missing,
It reduced it’s pace, pacifying her brain,
Suddenly her heart replied, companion in life.
Yes, someone to understand her,
Someone to tolerate her always with love,
Someone to hear the voice of her heart,
Someone to listen to her nonsense,
Last but not least, someone to simply talk and to be with always.
As realized, it blew for last time, comforting her.

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