Realizations of Life!!!

I was in cab back to home after a tiresome day in office. Routinely I calls my dad while in cab as it’s the only free time I gets. We were having our usual chit chat when in between I heard my mom’s voice in background. My dad put the call in loud speaker and my mom started with the list of complaints from her complaint box. She started with the dialogue “What’s the need of having children if they can’t be with their parents on their special days” It was actually a valid one. My mom’s birthday is on the way and is falling on a Sunday yet we didn’t plan anything for her. To add icing to her grief, it’s her 50th birthday. I don’t know how I missed it. May be I was indulged too much in my own world that I forgot people who loves me. It’s tough to get tickets to home now, that too in such a small gap of two weeks. So, in order to tranquilize her, I told her people usually celebrate 60th birthday sumptuously and not 50th and asked her to chill. She didn’t like my comment and cut the call. I smiled to myself at the thought that tomorrow she will be back to normal. At that time my phone beeped and I checked the watsapp message. Message was “RIP APJ Abdul Kalam”. I was taken aback. On second thought,  there was fake news of his death before also. I was not able to access the net so asked driver to play the FM. To my surprise they were not mentioning anything about him. I was struggling with my phone for network. When I got access to net and confirmed the news to be true, sudden sorrow engulfed my heart and tear welled up in my eyes.I started wondering why I feel so sad. I am neither an admirer of Abdul Kalam nor a follower of him. I have just seen a glimpse of him when he came to my home town once.Still I felt upset as I know he was a great human being with values and a great patriot. I liked the person he was. Sensitive person inside me woke up and made me realize how uncertain life is and how important our loved ones are in life and everything can be changed in split of a second. I didn’t waste a second and called my sis to plan a surprise birthday party to my dear mother.

P.S – Busy schedule didn’t allow me to post this for long. I am glad we planned a birthday party for her because her smile seeing all arrangements was priceless 🙂

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