Friendship Day – Day to afresh the Memories!!!

It was first Sunday in August.  As it’s called the “Friendship Day”, Watsapp and Facebook was flooded with Friendship quotes.  Even though I don’t believe in celebrating a day for friendship,  I thought it’s the perfect day to brace myself with the avalanche of memories of the golden years of my life, my college days. Life in college was not a smooth ride. It had many ups and downs mainly because of my mistakes, stupidity and immaturity. Best part was there used to be at least a friend who will be there to pull me up after every fall. While refreshing my memories, I opened my personal laptop which has my college photos and videos. I was going through photos in folder by folder when suddenly the video which is made with photos of all my classmates according to roll number caught my eye. I was the one who guided the video creator with correct roll numbers. While watching the video, sudden thought came to my mind whether I will remember everyone’s name in the coming years. I decided to give it a shot. I had a folder with single photos of all my classmates in the order of roll numbers. For fun, I started renaming each photo with that person’s name. When I reached roll number 7, I stopped.  Shit! I don’t remember the guy’s name. I remember he’s from Andaman and his name starts with Anu. With heavy heart, I realized memories do fade. I renamed every other photo with the correct person’s name. I started to rewind my memories. It took me almost 20 minutes to recollect his name. Amazing part is I was able to recollect his initial too. Life is really an unknown path traveled blindly unfolding the surprises in each step. I was the one in college who used to boast during college days that I will never ever forget roll numbers of anyone in class and I don’t even remember everyone’s name after 6 years of college. Life has revealed one of the surprises in my path. Still, a long way to go and to unwrap a lot more in the way.

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