Professional Milestone…!!!

This time my professional life took the spotlight. Last month came with lots of surprises and unexpected incidents. It all started with my manager pulling me to a conference room to reveal that he’s my ex-manager now. He said he got another opportunity and he grabbed for his own good. Obviously,  it came as a shock as there was no hint of it. I was left in complete dilemma as I’m the senior engineer in team and whether I will have to take the management tasks too now. I was already taking all deck meetings. Lots of questions were flying in my mind. My brain was clear about my plan ahead and it was I’m not ready to become manager of my existing team. It looked like another challenge in my career life as it is going to take a different turn. News spread like fire and everyone had the same doubt whether I will be their new manager. During that time we had the team meeting and it was announced that we will be reporting to our senior manager till the new manager comes. I was relieved even though I knew unofficially I’m the POC for any team issues or concerns. As the manager confusion got over, we planned a farewell for our “ex-manager”. As a farewell gift, my ex-manager transferred the 3 interns in team to me and asked me to set goals and handle their whole confirmation process. It too came unexpected and first question that came to my mind was what goals to set for them when everyone’s goal in team is in jeopardy and adhoc. How can I come with some proper goals or tasks? I understood I need to expand my focus beyond myself now and it’s the really challenge now. Even though it was known factor that manager is leaving team because of the bad feedback given by us in tech survey, we organized farewell party for him with  messages showing gratitude and wishes. Alas! everything was done and he said final adieu to us. He leaving the team was good as well as bad. Good as we can atleast hope to get a proper manager now and bad as when he was there he will grab work from somewhere and give it to us and now noone is there to assign work to us and I was sure whole team will become idle. With all these thoughts in my mind when I reached my flat, there was something written in notice board. I was taken back when I read what was written. There was this security in flat who use to always welcome me at night when I return from office with a smile. He was a retired person but still very active. It was written he expired today morning. I still remember talking to him the day before. Tears start to form in my eyes and was feeling very bad for his family. When I heard he died of some kind of poisoning from liquor he had, it was an additional blow. There were two more securities and they too quit. One was partner in crime with the deceased and other was badly bit by a stray dog. From tomorrow, there will new faces at flat. Everything around me is changing and change is an inevitable law of nature. Days without manager started in office. One day one of my colleagues said he’s changing place to Dev bay. Now I started to see the actual effect of not having a manager. Even though he was not a proper manager , he made sure his team is intact and in one place. But now team is getting scattered and noone is there to control or stop. Initially I felt bad but knew it’s individual decision and I don’t have voice in it. Now after one month of this turnover, everyone is trying to project themselves to higher manager, no strict dead timelines, no much adhoc requests from other teams as it has to come through higher manager, workload has decreased very much and everyone is at ease. Even though lots of good things are happening, I have lots of unsolved puzzles in my mind. This is my next milestone in my career after the first company change and I need to come out in flying colors as before.

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