Life or Gordian Knot!!!

As we start our journey of life we come out of our comfort zone into a world of competition.  Like a chick comes out cracking the egg shell after living for 21 days under mother’s heat, similarly we humans break the parents protection shell and enter the complicated world.  In the beginning,  it appears challenging but as time flows it takes the shape of frustration and boredom. In this miserable life, only comfort will be a chill out with friends or the small breaks with team mates in between work. When I entered this corporate world 6 years before, I didn’t know what was in wait for me. First year I felt like a  Grooming phase in which I got adapted in a far away world from home. Second year was a Transformation phase which molded me into a professional from a student. Third year was Phoenix year in which I was reborn from ashes to a new life of hope. Fourth year was a Challenging year in which I learned  to balance personal and professional life and changed myself to an adult from a teenager . Fifth year was Growing phase in which I thought out of the box and decided to move ahead questioning my limitations. Sixth year was Neutral phase in which I realized I have reached a dangerous state of freedom and peace because I started to give damn to all pointless drama around me. I realized saying sorry or bending a little will not make you weak. I realized ignoring small mistakes of others is better than ruining a relationship. Now, I feel I’m ready to untie the Gordian Knot of my life and face all hurdles which is in store for me in future.

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