A Memorable Journey !!!

Day started with normal routine. I had a hectic day in office that there was no time even to take breath. In middle of this tight schedule also, I was happy as I was going home and that too for 5 days. I skipped evening snacks even though I was hungry thinking will have heavy meal at station. I hurried and almost completed everything before leaving. When I reached station,  I was shocked. All restaurants were closed and there was big queue in front of only open one. I felt devastated.  I cursed the moment I decided to skip snacks. I was wandering in station in search of some food. At that time, I saw some idlies in one shop and bought that along with some bananas as backup. I was tired and was sweating terribly. I was relieved by the thought that I have booked AC coach. When I opened my coach compartment,  someone called my name aloud. I was electrified for a moment and then turned to see my teacher who taught me 10 years back smiling at me. There was no limit to my happiness. She remember me even after so many years and she recognized me by seeing my side itself.  I was in cloud nine and all my hunger and anger vanished. I went and sat near her and started to chat. Our conversation longed for almost 2 hours in between which I had dinner and TTR checked tickets too. My phone was ignored which later I checked and found around 10-20 missed calls and replied.  I had that strong feeling that people around us were listening but ignored that too. She was saying old and new gossips, happenings in her life and how her son who was also my sister’s classmate is in a relationship with a UP Brahmin.  Our chat was interpreted by person sitting next to us who wanted to sleep and we were sitting in his berth. I got up and went to my berth.  There was this guy sitting in my berth whom I noticed was smiling at us and listening to our chat. When I went and sat, he started to chat with me and said he was listening. I smiled and we started to talk. He said by profession he’s in sales and going to his wife’s home. While chatting he mentioned that he felt my teacher had memory problem as she was repeating stuffs. Before I reply,  mam said she’s old and has only 3 more years for retirement and memory problems are normal and added that her hearing is still strong.We both laughed at the action along with which she said that and two people conversation changed to  three people. At this time, guy in who’s berth I was sitting initially also joined the group.  He was a middle aged man and introduced himself as production controller of South Indian movies and in close relation with many actors. He said he was surprised to see me talking to my teacher in so friendly lines which he can never do. He was praising teacher-student bond. Suddenly, guy in next berth also supported him and introduced himself as a student who has done with his CA entrance and returning home. Gradually,  the 5 member group started with so called “train pe baad” with my phone conversation with my dad in which I asked him to wake me up in morning  and gave him my berth details in case I don’t answer his call and miss to get down at station.  I defended myself saying I had a hectic day in office and thus  said so. Production controller guy said that today I reminded him of his old school days. Everyone started to share their own experiences, gossips, current hot topics, new movies that guy is working and list went on. Time just flew and we realized 3 hours has already passed. Mam said she’s tired and going to sleep.  Everyone felt it’s time to sleep and wished each other good night. After switching off lights and laying down also , we continued our chat for one more hour which ended with sales guy saying he’s hungry and me offering him my backup bananas. It became too late so I turned and decided to sleep. Suddenly my eyes fell on two people in the same bay who were sleeping peacefully and not at all affected by our long chit chats and laughter. I smiled and closed my eyes. I woke up by the voice of mam and production controller who were to get down at same station as mine. We wished each other good morning and I inquired where have we reached.  They told it will take half an hour more to reach. I decided to have a small nap in that time but couldn’t because of people walking and surrounding noises. I noticed production controller talking to one of the “silent” guys in our bay. He looked very familiar.  When I was enjoying the early morning beauty which I usually miss, sales guy and student also woke up who were supposed to be asleep as they have to get down at last station. We started chit chat again. When the “silent” guy got down, production controller asked me whether I recognized that guy. I said he looked familiar.  When he told me who that guy was I was shocked.  How come  I didn’t recognize him? I have grown up seeing his programs and acting. He was one of my mom’s and grandmother’s favourite serial actors. When I was lost in my thoughts, station came. I bid adieu to everyone with the hope of seeing them again.

P.S – I didn’t miss to ask name of production controller.  Now whenever I see his name in any hit film crew list, I can say that I have met that guy. Also none asked for my name as Mam’s voice was so loud when she called my name that people in whole compartment will knew it. Everyone addressed me with my name from beginning itself.

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