Evil in My Life…

I was waiting in station to catch train to home. It’s almost 4 months I have not gone home. I was happy and excited but at the same time sad. Even though I love to be at home, I don’t like most of the concepts followed by the society I belong.  I won’t say it’s completely bad but our society is more interested in others life than their own. There’s a set of questions that will be asked to you from your childhood by everyone you meet.  It starts with which school, which college, what job, how much salary,  when is marriage,  why no children after marriage and list goes on. If someone dare to break any rule of life,  voice will be raised on their character and personality.  I knew I have to face these questions that waits for me as I have broken one of the sequences of life. I pushed some phases of my personal life to future to nurture my career. I wanted to achieve my goals in life and was not ready to waste my years of hard work.  Already they are discussing about my incomplete personal life and I don’t care a damn about that. Worst part is my parents are also part of same society and they do care. Even though they are not putting pressure on me, I know what they are going through.  This time going home I know I have to face all these questions again and I have to take a step ahead in personal life to keep them happy.  Numbness sometimes engulf your life thinking all this. Reality is life is like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs but society cares only about the downs of your life ignoring the ups. You can never satisfy society but have to bend down for the happiness of your loved ones.On this occasion of New year, it’s my promise to my parents that their wish will be fulfilled soon.

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