Greatest failure in life is when you fail to find happiness in anything you do or anything you achieve.  Even great news for others will be nothing for you. Recently my manager pulled me to a conference room and gave the news that my promotion is almost confirmed. I smiled and said thank you. He left the conference room with a smile after advising me of my new role and responsibilities. I sat there for sometime. I was neither happy nor sad.I smiled and left the conference room. When I told my friend the news she was very happy. Also I told her I’m not sure of my feeling about promotion. She told me it’s because you heard such a great news after a long time.  I too felt she might be right.  But slowly I started to realize it’s my numbness towards life which has clocked me out from enjoying small small happiness in life. Even though it’s 4 years now from the dreadful day which molded me to the person I’m today, the wound of that day is unhealed and bleeds internally causing pain which flows in the body like blood from heart to all parts. Its true time heals everything and we should give time some “time”. I feel, that day will come soon which will break the ice and bring back the “real me” so that I will start to live life rather than simply exist.

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