Au Revoir 2014 … Bienvenue 2015

Another year passed by. I must say this was the fastest year of my life. It’s like before saying goodbye 2013, now it’s time to say goodbye 2014.While looking back I can see many ticks in my life’s checklist. It was the foundation laying year of my career in new company.  I was able to prove myself in the team and build the confidence. Best part was my wish to have supper from five star hotels and to do a real adventure sport was fulfilled and team outing to farm stay was simply awesome and memorable. Happy to being a part of such a wonderful company. Personal life also took a good turn. More understanding more fun more enjoyment more outings. Even though some things didn’t fall to place, overall picture is perfect.  It was altogether a great year to remember.  Hoping for more bricks to fall in place in 2015. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2015!!!

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