Where does a Girl Belongs?

It was dinner time and table was set with all dishes. His mother came up with three plates. One for her husband, one for her son and one for her. Without saying anything she went inside kitchen and took a plate for herself. Four of them sat to dine. She started to feed her one year old from her plate while her husband and his parents started with their dinner. They were chatting and having food. She was silently looking at them. They were almost done with their dinner when his mother saw one left out piece of their night special. She asked her son to take it, he refused and requested his dad to take saying you didn’t have anything which his dad too rejected and asked both his wife and son to have it half half. She kept on feeding her baby and looked at three of them and her plate. She didn’t even take a piece as she was busy feeding her(their) baby and her plate was empty. She’s yet to have dinner and it doesn’t look like either of the three are even bothered. When she and her husband goes to visit her home, her mother used to be keen about his interests and taste. Sometimes her interests used to get sidelined. There is this question in her mind for long, what’s importance of woman in society? Is it only to carry forward one’s hierarchy? Are they not suppose to live their life rather than mere survival? No girl child is welcomed in a family as she’s considered as a burden or someone else property. In some homes girls are trained from lower ages on how to become a “servant”. Our society demands a girl to do all household chores even she has a doctorate or is highest earning member in family or has a tight professional schedule. Unless she “cook” and “serve” she won’t be considered as a good daughter-in-law. That too they judge on number of  varieties she makes even though at their home they won’t be making that much. After marriage, she’s considered as a “visitor” to her home and in rare case only she will get equal respect in her in-laws home. On the contrary, men don’t have to leave their home after marriage and in his in-laws home too he will be treated with respect however or whoever he is. In this patriarchal and male dominated society where actually does a woman belongs? As these questions were revolving on her head, they haven’t yet decided on the owner for the last piece. She just smiled and said I will have that as I didn’t have any. There was pin dropped silence when they realized there was one more “family” member dining with them. At that moment, she felt answer to all her questions is – IT’S HER CALL. She has to decide what she wants and how she wants to live her life. She has to fight and demand for herself. It’s a tough path as one will get hatred all along and will be left far behind from the idol woman figure of society. One way that’s better too as even if one is well behaved and does a mistake once, only that mistake will be seen. Atleast, by taking stand for oneself, it will boost our self-esteem , self-respect and brings satisfaction in life.

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