Perfect Timing!!!

Setting Sun looked beautiful and twilight was mesmerizing,
There she was as usual playing with her little one,
Her small one has grown up and she’s two and a quarter now,
God has blessed her with one of his precious ones,
Twinkle in her little eyes and the charming smile unmistakably made her cute and adorable,
Everything is complete if she had conveyed things more than actions,
It’s her age to talk and sing but somewhere that string remained unattached,

As rubbing salt in her wound, her maid stated her baby is going to be dumb,
Her world fell apart with those stinging words but her little one’s innocent smile boosted her energy,
Closing her eyes and swallowing the pain she promised to be beside her sweetheart always,
To her surprise, a sweet and delicate voice was heard,
Her eyes couldn’t believe her ears and filled up with tears,
There stood her baby in front of her asking “Mom, where did dad go?”,
And there was no stopping her from that moment!

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