Triangular friendship

Your mind loses its thinking ability when u finds yourself stuck up between two of your best friends. Chikku and Chikki are the best mates of my life and have fallen for each other. He had proposed her and she rejected him during our college life. After two years of college, I was the only one who knew she actually loves him even though she refuses it in front of him. I knew why she hid her feelings. She doesn’t want to give him hope as she doesn’t want him to suffer if it doesn’t works out in future as she’s not ready to go against her parent’s will. Her strong mind is a plus point for her as it enclosed all her emotions inside her.

On other side, he was smashed and shattered at that time. He felt he was a useless and unworthy guy because of which she didn’t love him and didn’t understand his feelings. He was ruining his life and talked about taking his life often. For him life without her was like river without water, dry and empty.

It hurt when I saw them laughing which they harnessed with their heart’s anguish. I felt helpless when she tortured herself by being rude to him. I felt sad when he said he failed to make her understand his feelings towards her. I thought I will be able to make her realize whom she wants to share her life with and what makes her happy, but her answer made me feel like being hit by a hammer. She said she’s confused and she wants to love him not because he loves her. I couldn’t get the logic out of her answer. What it means? Is she trying to refuse her love towards him in front of me too? I was speechless. For first time I felt she’s like her mother, unpredictable. I tried my maximum to make her realize the situation but she wanted time. How much? Even she didn’t have an answer for that. I was afraid whether she’s going to make a big mistake. When I came to know what happened when his parents came to her home with his proposal, I was spellbound. She had kept quiet and when asked for, her reply was cold and without any feelings, “I have no problem in marrying anyone but it will be better if he’s the one since I know him”. No parent approves for love marriage until they feels their son/daughter is damn serious about it. I was taken aback when I heard those words. I knew it would have hit him like a wild storm. I couldn’t resist myself from shouting at her. She said she wants to prove her parents wrong by marrying someone of their choice. Still I couldn’t get her. She said she knows her parents won’t get anyone better than him for her. So by living with that person she will be able to make her parents realize that they have made a mistake by rejecting him. My mind went blank for a second. OMG! This girl has gone nuts. She’s going to play with her life and that too to prove her own parents wrong. On one side, she was thinking about ruining her future when nothing has happened and on other side he was heartbroken as he felt everything is over as he was sure beyond doubt that she didn’t love him and there is nothing left for him to do. I realized one thing is common between them, both knew their future will be hell without other. Now, what will I do? I felt guilty. I kept him in darkness and I was cent percentage sure she’s not going to take a single step forward herself. Her ego won’t allow her. I was left with only option that is to tell him the truth. I thought about it a hundred times and I felt it’s the right step. It can give him hope that there’s something left to do and make their love a success or can at least comfort him that he was loved by the one who he loved. . .   I can’t express in words the joy I saw on his face when I told she really loves him. It had brought a new energy in him then.

Now after four years of college, standing in front of the dais, where the married couple stood, I can see that their story has a happy ending.