Are you happy ?

Are you happy?
Murmured by a sweet voice
Genuine question heard after long
Surprisingly came from my little one
But surely worthwhile to think of.

Are you happy?
Like a drop which paved way for a rainfall
Mind piled up with numerous thoughts of “what ifs”
River of everlasting regrets flowed through heart
“What if” life has taken a detour at apt time
Would the buried aspirations been attained.

Are you happy?
Like the breathtaking rainbow after the downpour
Mind began to flow towards optimistic path
Wish-bucket-stack is largely popped out
Loving family, caring friends, aspiring career,
Freedom to enjoy the life in own way
Above all, to sight the lovely smile of my cutie pie
Just erase all negative-ness in this world.

Are you happy?
Yes, I’m happy
Yes, I’m content with my life
Yes, I love my life
After all, happiness is always a choice.

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