Well, I never (did) !!!

You astonished me
Turning illusion to reality
Just like those sci-fi movies
You conquered the whole world 
People were caged at home
Soldiers marched through streets

You amazed me
Turning the need ‘travel’ to inessential
Erasing the words Tourism and Airlines
You made it to collapse
Bringing back primitive life
Which is just meant for survival

You surprised me
Turning tainted world to virtuous
Bringing a stop to man made disasters
You restrained nature’s purity
Letting nature take revenge
In it’s own sweet unique style

You startled me
Prioritizing relation over self
Sidelining work and learnings
You restored meaning of family
Forcing people to stay under one roof
To redefine the relationships

You astounded me
Turning one whole year to monotonous
Changing modus operandi of living
You proved life moves on by taking a detour
Irrespective of adverse happenings
To reach the predefined destinations

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