On-the-Spot Wish !!!

There is this place which I wanted to make my destiny, where I wanted to get settled. However, life won’t give you everything you desire or wished for. It flows in its own pace which none can control. My first trip to this place was around 11 years back. It was short and unplanned but memorable. Second trip was around 7 years back to visit my sister who got settled there. I had added few sight-seeing as part of that trip and got a chance to visit an iconic place. While roaming around the place, a residential complex caught my attention. Complex was at prime location and was not affordable at all. I wished it would have been good if I get an opportunity to live in that community for at least a day. Today, when I sit beside the lake of the complex and living there for more than a month, I feel it was really worth it. It’s not the posh environment that attracted me but the calmness and surrounded sereneness. It’s magical. It’s always nice to sit beside a lake every evening during pleasant weather and listen to your favorite songs. Being embraced with cold and chill wind, it’s always refreshing for me. Icing to the cake is the multiple fountains in the lake and surrounding along with festive lighting all over place and trees. Even though it was just an instant wish which was long forgotten realizing it happened for real makes me believe that miracles still happen. Wait was long but still it goes with the saying It’s better to be late than never.

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