Lost Battles!!!

You came with lots of hope,
Surrounded by colors of rainbow
Little I know those colors converge,
To show light to the path of loss

You killed the inner perfectionist in one shot,
Leaving only place for regret and sorrow
What happens to be fool proof prior plans,
Ended up in state of despair and randomness
Erasing the flavor of success achieved,
Through millions of awesome plans

You killed the long ambition in heart,
Snatching it mercilessly from hand
Leaving a complete vacuum inside,
As it was rightfully desired and earned
It left an urge to question even,
Transparency of crystal clear water

You killed the aspiration in life,
By giving away the hard earned gem
That too with a heavy mind,
Without a tear and gesture of sigh
Feelings to yearn something in future,
Ended up getting buried deep forever

You are still in beginning phase,
Still you crushed everything to powder
Now it’s a nightmare to imagine,
What is in store ahead in darkness.

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