Tata 2019…Heloo 2020!!!

New year post is a never miss one for me. It’s always better to be late than never. It has become a recurring dialogue for past few years that it “appeared to be the fastest” year. As it looks like all the coming years will be the same, I’m keeping aside that phrase from this year. Life has become hectic with full of responsibilities so days running away is no longer a surprise. So, coming back to 2019, what I can say about you. You are my US dream fulfillment year. It’s the first time I was away from her for more than a day. Separating from her was painful. Even though it neutralized all the excitement I had for years of going, still I made sure my travel checklist is done. 2019 was a year of travel satisfaction. Even within the country and local trips with family are memorable. Other major turn outs happens to be owning a second flat, my kid’s first year of school, undergoing a minor surgery with lots of drama and loses, career stagnation due to multiple manager changes, witnessing the reality of water crisis, first ever experience of becoming an invited speaker of a career aspiration function and list goes on. Overall it was another good year to cherish and has given hopes to look forward for the coming year. It’s bit disturbing that the new year started with uncertainties in all phases of life – career, parental & personal. My wish for 2020 is that let everything fall into place as expected and no new challenge arouse over the same. Fingers crossed…

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