Long time dream – Solo trip

It was an observed trend of my current company that people get at least a chance to visit overseas as part of business trip. It was like a mandatory practice for employees to visit the headquarters in America after completing 1 year or so. It was one of my life goals to travel around the world and it was just perfect opportunity to start with. That too thought of a solo trip to other part of the world was awesome. Unfortunately, it was my bad luck that I joined a team where the manager itself never got a chance to travel abroad. I almost lost hope. After 4 years in company, I got 3-4 chances to travel which I had to politely decline as she was too small. I was adamant on traveling at least once though. After 2 more years, when I became confident that I can leave her with my parents for few days, I took courage to ask my manager on business travel. He replied positive and asked me to come with a plan. It was that time I had to undergo surgery and again it felt like a lost dream. A series of events happened after that re-org, multiple manager changes. As business travel became one of my ambitions or can say it raised to a level of need, I presented my request again to my new manager. Unlike before everything happened in a short span of time. I booked my tickets and hotel and within 2 weeks or so I was waiting in airport for my flight. Even though leaving her was painful, whole trip was worth in all means. Definitely I will love to travel again if I get a chance but I will be fine if I don’t get any either. I always dreamt of celebrating at least one of my birthdays overseas but never got a chance in past 30 years. I felt overwhelmed when I got to celebrate my 6th service anniversary in company in USA.

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