Irony of life !!!

Finally, the day has arrived. I was waiting to watch Avengers:Endgame for long. While I was on my way to movie with my team mates, I got a call from my younger sister. She called me to inform that she and her husband is going to Thailand for a week long vacation. I was totally surprised and asked her about her kid. I still remember after our European trip she clearly told me she won’t plan for any vacation unless her kid is more than five years. To my shock, she replied that she won’t be taking her kid with her. It looks like her husband want some time to relax and taking kid means they have to worry for her food and health. Her husband made his parents to agree to take care of their kid. Even though the turn of events was unsettling within me, I replied okay and wrapped up the call. Few visions from past started to surface in my mind. There was a time when I wanted to go to Bhutan trip as part of annual team outing which I had to cancel just because neither my parents or in-laws were ready to take care of my child. No-one was supportive. Atleast I can let it go as it was just a trip but what about delaying my surgery. Once I stopped lactation, I wanted to undergo the cyst removal surgery but no-one gave me the confidence on looking after my kid. My mom had issues with taking leave and my mother in law was afraid of loosing her sleep at night. All these confusions ended up in a tragedy. My cyst got twisted and I had to undergo an immediate surgery. Price I paid for it was going through labor pain again and missing my cousin’s wedding for which I had made numerous plans. I was brought back to reality when cab stopped as we reached the multiplex. I realized I had a sarcastic smile on my face throughout the flashback in mind. Funny part is there was no support for undergoing a life threatening operation but there is full support for going on a vacation. Life is always unfair and stranger than a fiction.

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