A Thought!!!

Childhood is an awesome period,
Little was known then though
Summer holidays were really special,
Fun with cousins and on-set of monsoon is memories to be treasured
Icing to the cake was summer exhibition,
Plethora of our favorites toys,food,rides and was no less than Disney world
Weeks were spent to come up with list of targets,
Usually ending up conquering only half
Always wondered how my parents control their instincts,
As you see it’s full of tempting things around
Money chained our hands from buying whatever we like,
But what’s held them back as they have it in plenty,
Always had an urge of asking them but somehow gets missed by another eye catcher
Now being in their shoes I realized it’s maturity that changes ones thoughts
Responsibilities comes free with age
Childhood was limited to fun and studies,
Whereas middle age is for survival
Even painful wounds once will look like  minor scratches.
We evolve with time so do our priorities which change with age

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