Status Updated

One of the old photos that I uploaded in Facebook caught my attention. I had uploaded it  around 6 years back. It has a beautiful picture with a message which says “I met lots of people in my life who looked like they cared for me but when I look back now I can see some were good friends and some were good actors”. I felt its catchy so simply uploaded it as my watsapp status. It was dinner time and I left my phone. When I was back from dinner, I was surprised to see the number of unread messages. It’s really strange the  way people react to status put in social media. I remember posting so many status of functions, places and many more but I never got such an overwhelming response. An emotional status message is like handsome hero in a movie who can’t be ignored. To be frank, my mind was empty and was not thinking of anything or anyone while setting the status. People who has not pinged me for ages responded with one or another. Some sounded concerned and some anxious on the target of the status. It’s more like people trying to recompense but for what I have no clue. One person even copied my status and kept as his. After sometime, his status was gone and his dp was missing. It looked like the person blocked my contact or deleted watsapp. Damn! That was heights. I hardly remember that guy and may be his target is someone else. God knows.  I just reread the status. I felt it’s a genuine message. Everyone is an actor to one person or other. We can’t be friends with everyone. Yes! In this competitive world people do make use of others in some way. It was just a crystal clear message. Only question is were people who reacted actually concerned or were just afraid whether their secret is out? More I thought about it, more it got complicated. I couldn’t decipher much. One thing is for sure curiosity is the key here. People are more interested in messages that comes in puzzles than direct ones.

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