Sixth Sense!!!

Coincidence is very common. It’s something that happens unknowingly. I remember recently we had planned for team lunch from office and it’s so happened almost everyone turned up wearing red. It was mere coincidence as everyone had their own reasons. Initially I thought of wearing green but that was not pressed so pulled red one. Same way one of my teammates had put all clothes to wash and was left with only red one, another one being Women’s day wanted to wear something ethnic which she had only in red.
Another category is Intuition. It’s completely based on your observational skills and mind calculations. It’s the ability to link the dots and derive at the solution. I’m proud to say my intuitions are never wrong when it comes to people and my observatory skills are quite appreciable. This skill has even made me Cupid in many relations. I’m good at judging people on their love interest. By seeing their body language and hearing the tone, I’m easily able to catch what type of relationship they have with the other. I don’t know how I do it but yes I guess it right. There are numerous examples in my college and office life which have proved me right.
Intuition is even understandable. What surprise me is the two mysterious and unrelated scenarios which I felt will happen before it actually did. It was final year in college and it’s routine that 3rd years will give farewell party to final years. Function starts by formal talks from principal, head of department, teachers which will be followed by emotional & motivational speeches by either parties and finally gets wrapped up by some fun events and snacks. Few days before the function while going back home from college in bus, I suddenly had a sudden thought what if juniors made some event with love pairs in our class. It was no secret that our class had 5 active pairs. At the same time I kicked myself on imaging such an event to happen as it’s against rules of our ‘orthodox’ society. Also, I felt it will be quite embarrassing for them as no-one can guarantee a future on their relationship. Finally farewell day came and function started. Once all teachers left, fun events kicked off. Started with some funny quiz, then some stage shows and suddenly whole junior batch went silent post few giggles. The anchor guy started with introduction of next game which he was emphasizing as something different. Even we became silent and waited for it. Suddenly, he announced next game as Couple Game. Everyone was confused. He continued saying I will call all male partners of the love birds in the senior batch and they can call their female counterparts. I was still working to believe what I heard. How can this happen? Whatever I imagined few days back is actually happening in front of me. While the event was in progress I was still lost in my thoughts.
Years passed by and this got buried in my inner self. Few days back I was going through some old photos in my mobile and thought it would be nice if people pull some old photos and share it in social media. It’s always nice to revisit sweet memories. I had only 2 childhood photos in my mobile so decided to take remaining from laptop and upload it next day. Following day I got busy at work and the photo idea skipped from my mind. Then the next or next to next day, when I opened Facebook it was flowing with people pulling others old photos or their own old photos. I was confused and after some time I realized it’s a new trend started in social media to upload or pull older photos. What the hell? Again how I knew prior this is going to happen. I was pulled into an abyss and was having difficulty in digesting what I just saw. What I had in my mind few days back is real now. It’s very weird.
Still one can argue these are coincidences only but it gives me pleasure to believe these are at par with sixth sense.

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