Face of Embarrass!!!

It was a normal evening and the soothing cool breeze made it special . Maybe recent rain played his role in modifying the climate. During such a beautiful twilight, I prefer open windows in cab rather than an air conditioned one. It would have been icing to cake if I was able to listen to my favorite playlist. As a relief, radio was on and some melodious songs were playing. In between songs, host was coming up with numerous topics. One of the topics she suggested caught my interest. Topic was about the embarrassing moment when you accidentally spoke your thought loud. Smile came to my face on the very thought of the incident as I was not the victim. It was like years back when I was in my first company, my father came to my city with his colleagues for some training. It’s so happened for their weekend trip they invited me too. I happily joined them. When everyone was interested about my job and life in a metro, one aunty was simply staring at me. I felt awkward and stole a glance or two while talking to others. We stopped at a restaurant for breakfast. Me and my dad were accompanied by two more aunties in the four seated table. The “staring aunty” happened to be one of them. After placing our order, she started to bombard me with questions which she was holding for long. Surprisingly, it was mainly about my mom. She appeared very keen to know about my mom. In between her questionnaire, other aunty interrupted and asked her whether she don’t know my mom as she also works in their company. There was a smile and sign of relief when she heard my mom’s name. I was confused with her change of expression. As an answer to my state of being bewildered, in a relaxed note she started to say ” That’s why she has got face cut of X when you all were saying she’s Y’s daughter”. It’s so happened that she knew my mom(X) and dad(Y) well but didn’t know they are husband and wife. There was a moment of silence and sudden outburst of laughter from all four tables in restaurant where the entire team was sitting. I still remember her face when she realized what she just said. Embarrassment that was seen in her face was beyond words and that perfect shot is still fresh in my mind.

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