Boy or Girl?

She was laying in bed. There were around 20 beds in the room. All were empty except 5 or 6 as it was midnight. She could feel the pain gradually endorsing her body and frequency of pain was also increasing. Nurse was sitting beside her and writing down something in a file every 15-20 minutes. As the pain comes, she was bombarding the nurse with numerous questions. After a while nurse got fed up and left her side with a sarcastic comment, ” it’s your first baby and it will take minimum 10-12 hours from now for delivery”. She took a gaze of almost empty labour room where she was laying in surgical clothes. Even the thought of bearing this pain for 10-12 hours made her depressed. She was feeling thirsty due to her initial use-for-nothing screams. She was denied even for drinking water as it will reduce the expected pain. She started to doze off in between the pain and lots of pregnancy memories started to flash in front of her eyes. Pregnancy journey was really adventurous for her with each month being a different experience and came with a completely new challenge. She felt the 10 month pregnancy time really relaxing and exciting even though she had to face numerous hurdles. As the due date approached, most frequent discussion was on baby gender. For her it never mattered but due to recent events and torture on girls in the male chauvinistic society, she set ratio as 51%boy to 49%girl. Still, in a country where gender of baby is not revealed before birth it’s really a factor of eagerness. There were lots of predictions based on different perspectives like tummy dimensions, how mother-to-be looked and so on. Everyone was giving their suggestions as per old wives tales. She decided to be prepared for both and was busy in name hunting in last month. Suddenly,she felt a terrible pain and was pulled back to present. She called the nurse in a hurry as she felt it’s “time”. Nurse looked surprised after checking her and went to call doctor. Doctor examined her and told its time for delivery and asked her to start pushing. While she was shifted from labour room to delivery room amidst the pain, nurse was murmuring how labour pain started so soon. She was feeling tired because of continuous pushing and finally she could feel her baby is out. Doctor held the baby in air. She saw her baby for first time and she was on cloud nine. Even through her tired eyes, she was sure her baby is the most beautiful and cute baby she has ever seen. She could hear the baby’s first cry. Her eyes were filled with tears of joy and enquired to doctor whether baby is fine and normal. Doctor nodded in positive. She felt completely relaxed and her body started to relieve all tension and excitement built in last 10 months as she heard her baby is born healthy. She was getting pulled to a deep sleep with mind filled with happiness and sense of pride as her 10 months of waiting is finally over and she’s a mother now. Suddenly, nurses and doctor were giggling. She was confused and gave them a weird look. With a smile, doctor asked you don’t want to know whether it’s a boy or girl. Damn! She completely forgot about that. Even she was eager to know just a day before but now how come she forgot to ask? At that time she got a glimpse of her baby again and realised that whatever the gender, at last what matters for a mother is a healthy child. Without taking her eyes off the baby, she smiled and asked the doctor boy or girl?

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