Bond of Love!!!

Finally the day came and here she was waiting for train to home. She looked to her side and there he was standing next to her, cross checking all her luggage. When their eyes met, he gave his usual charming smile which she returned with a mild grin. As the train was approaching platform with the landmark chuk-chuk sound, her mind was getting restless. The feeling was much deep which was not experienced for long. She knows it’s going to be the last journey with him before he leaves abroad next week for his work. He’s going for a long term and she can’t go with him because of her health. Anyways, she was happy that atleast she’s going to her home that too for long stay. As train halted in platform, they got into train and after putting luggage, he got down to bring water. As she saw him leaving, she felt still there is something disturbing her. Is it that she’s going to miss him? On the very thought she missed a beat and there was sudden growth of an underlying tension. It’s true after staying with him for more than 5 years; she’s used to him now. She knows it will be difficult to stay away from him as they were apart maximum for a week in these years but never imagined it to be this painful. Her mind started to rewind their journey. They were complete strangers when they got married and it took really long time for them to understand each other as one was an extrovert and other an introvert. Many would have surprised that they held on to their relationship even with so many differences. While the truth is, there is always an underneath bond of trust and care between them which either was comfortable and neither was ready to break. As time passed by, everything fell into place. They both started to live, enjoy and cherish life overcoming all hurdles which was really appreciable and both were proud that they are going to start a family now. She was pulled to present when he tapped her for water. While he was helping himself with water, train started to move. As she looked outside, her eyes were filled with tears even though she has 2 more days with him. In a hard way though she realized he’s a part of her life and his existence does matters to her now. She held his hand which he responded lovingly. The image of station began to fade as the train gained speed. Cool breeze gradually filled the train and her mind whispered to her brain, maybe this is called magic of marriage or rather feeling of true love…

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