To be Remembered…

There is this friend of mine. Not just a friend, he was more than a friend. Well, we can say a “special friend”. As Sidney Sheldon book says “nothing lasts forever”, our relationship also took a different turn and ended in non-talkative terms. Not because we didn’t like each other’s company but it was better other way. Mostly when a relationship ends both will be hurt but one will be badly hurt. Other will move on whereas one hurt will live in that pain for a period. Here I was the unlucky one and took me years to move on. For one year there was no contact. After that, it was like one message or ping from him in a year which I reply or ignore. It’s almost four years now but still memories are fresh especially on this day. It was his birthday on Sunday, a day I never forgets. I wished him birthday in my mind @ 12 am itself and slept. Surprisingly, I got his ping in eve next day  and he was saying “not so important matters” with a hint saying today is his birthday and then my phone started ringing. Call was just of a minute duration. He talked something and before hanging up I wished him “Happy birthday”. He smiled and hung the call. I know it doesn’t mean anything but deeper in my mind I was conflicting whether to believe he remembered me on his birthday when he’s with his friends and wanted me to wish him on his birthday. Does he really miss me? After consoling myself that it doesn’t matter anymore, I winded up his ping with a good night message.

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