Valentines Day…

She had a perfect idea in mind. She told him, on Saturday we will go out in morning and meet your parents at night or on Sunday.  He nodded. His phone started ringing and he went inside talking. She went to kitchen and began with dinner preparations. She started to build a tentative plan in her mind. She knows she didn’t go out with him for long because of genuine reasons and he’s upset with her. She thought while going out on Saturday which happens to be Valentine day too, will make up for all the missed outs. She never believed in celebrating a day for love but in current lifestyle she felt it’s nice, rather necessary to have a day for everything so that people will remember small small things they miss or ignore in their life. A long ride, lunch at his favorite place, good movie and evening at beach felt a good plan for her. Although he has to agree to finalize the plan. She was happy and started to decide which dress to wear. Suddenly, he came and told her I have called my parents too to  join us on Saturday. She was dumbstruck for a moment and then smiled and asked what’s the plan.

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