Moment of life…

She was sitting in the gallery. Mild breeze was blowing. She enjoyed it with closing her eyes and a smile came to her face. There’s something special about the gallery for her. It always brings special memories back to her. While she was enjoying the breeze and the flowing memories inside her, he tapped her shoulder and sat beside her with a smile. She looked at him and smiled. They started with their usual chat. Time passed by and suddenly his phone started ringing. He looked at her with a smile, got up, took the call and started walking. With a smile she again looked at the gallery.  She knew who called him. While he was busy with his girlfriend in phone, she again started to enjoy the breeze. Sea of thoughts started to flow in her head again, mainly of him. A gentle breeze blew and she looked at him and he too looked at her, smiled and blinked. When their eyes met, a pain started to grow in her heart. She knew she loves him deeply, more than anyone. Also she knew he can never be hers. Tears started to fall down her face. She turned her face and wiped her tears. He again sat beside her and started to share what his girlfriend was saying and how his girlfriend reacted when he told he’s sitting with someone else in gallery. She was not interested in the topic but still she listened to him while her mind was fighting on the thought about the relation they are sharing. It’s not friendship but a step ahead of that. She remembered all the fights they had, the way each other consoled after the fight, the tension and restlessness shared before making up, everything. She knew one day she will regret for being in such a confused relation. While she was busy in her own world of thoughts, he tapped her and asked what. She smiled and replied ‘A little jealousy in a relationship is healthy. It’s always nice to know someone is afraid to lose you’. While he smiled at her saying and caught her hand and watched the sun set, she was burning inside thinking of the day when they are going to part which she knew will come soon.
Suddenly someone tapped her shoulder and she turned to see her husband with a boring face. He asked whether they can leave as he’s feeling bored and not liking the gallery. She nodded with a smile. Before leaving, she enjoyed the breeze for a last time smiling on the thought that whatever may be the years passed, the memories of him and gallery is still afresh in her mind even though he’s not part of her life anymore.

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