Friend of All times…

As we grow old, friends start to part. Everyone becomes busy with their own life, family, career and lots more. Chit-chats, time pass everything start to vanish slowly. After five years of college, I don’t have any friends around me. What I have now are colleagues with whom I spend time pulling others legs and discussing official matters, in our terms chai pe baat or kadalap. Among few I’m in touch with, there is a special friend with whom I was in contact always. I know him as a classmate but as classmates we were mere strangers. After college, we became colleagues. I started to know him better after college and as time passed by, he became one of my best friends, special best friend. He was always a friend in need and was there in my side whenever I need support. I was able to share anything with him. There was no restriction on topics I can discuss with him. He simply listens and if I needed guidance, he suggests too. But our togetherness was not for long as he had to leave company to pursue his higher studies. Emptiness was there when he left but he was never away. We were in touch through calls, messages or mails but still sometimes I wished him to be near me. I had the confidence that whenever I need a friend he will always be there for me.
Suddenly it so happened for first time that I was not getting replies for my calls, messages or mails. Wait continued for two months. Even his other friends were worried for him. He’s not a guy who won’t reply for his calls or messages especially mails. I know him that without any solid reasons he’s not a guy to avoid all his friends and this thought made me worried. As it for people, everyone started to guess different possibilities. Some said his phone would have got stolen or he’s upset as he didn’t get a job after completing his higher studies. My mind was not ready to believe any of those reasons. I prayed him to be safe. “Hope you are fine” was the last mail sent to him after repetitive efforts. Still waiting for a reply…
P.S – After one month of this post, I met him in person. He was at his elder brother’s house without a phone. So replies were delayed but still I don’t get one part how come he didn’t get a chance to check his mails. Whatever be the reason, I’m happy he’s back.

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