Life goes on…

Sometimes we forget that time just flows. I can’t believe that it’s already 8 months in new office. I still remember the first day here. New atmosphere filled with strangers. At that uncertain time, there was a guy, my team mate who helped me to cope up with the new environment. He never let me feel lonely. I felt happy to have him as a friend. Even though I faced many hurdles in the team, I always felt relieved thinking atleast he is there in my side. Recently we had a team outing and it was great. I started to feel like I have a whole team now along with him. I was really happy as I thought I will now have a set of friends as I had in previous company. But as always I was proved wrong. When I came after lunch one day, there was no one in place. I thought they might have went for lunch or some meeting. Then I saw their lunch boxes there which were heavy and noticed except me no one was there. I checked my mobile to see whether any calls came but none. I understood they went out together and felt really bad. On second thought, I realized it was my fault as I went for lunch with my old friends before them. While I was fighting with my thoughts, they came back and told they went for his treat. I felt broken. When I was dreaming of having whole team I realized I don’t even have a single friend in my team. None remembered me or bothered to call or inform me. I felt like everything is fake.I was not hurt for missing a treat but for being ignored and forgotten. When whole team went how can they forget a single person and won’t they have minimum commonsense to realize that the person will be hurt very badly. Again life brought me back to square one and taught me to stay away from emotions and feelings. Whatever happens, what matters is we have to be in between same people, with artificial laugh and  fake enjoyment and life has to go on. . .

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