When you gets a call or meet a person from past, you will feel like yourself pulled into sea of memories. Same happened some months back when I got a call from her. She called to invite for her wedding. I remember this girl from the first day of college. She was just another girl in class. First year I judged her to be one dedicated only to her studies. As the second year started, I realized she is also dedicated to friendship and relations. She always wore a mask of boldness on her face even though she was very sensitive inside. I noticed changes in her after third year tour. I understood its because of him. Everyone noticed them during tour. They were together during the whole tour. I identified her mood changes, possessiveness, restlessness as symptoms of initial love phase. Actually I was happy for her as he appeared to be a good guy. Everything became more clear when that “hot”  news spread in the air. That guy already has an affair with his family friend’s daughter. I felt pity for her. She kept a persistent smile on her face even after this news spread but I knew she was broken inside. I thought it’s just a phase of her life and she would come out of it but she didn’t. I thought this girl is mad. Why the Hell is she destroying her own life? Later I got the answer. His affair seems to be  one sided with other girl so either he would have convinced her to be with him or she would have felt there’s still hope. Somehow I started to feel he is using her to envy his girlfriend. I was proved right when it happened. It was last days of college. I still remember that day we had continuous exams. I noticed she was upset and restless from morning and was continuously looking towards the door like waiting for someone. He came and took her with him. He looked very excited. Then I saw her crying. Everyone was trying to console her. A rumor spread that she cried because class rep hid from everyone a part of exam syllabus that was to happen that day and she didn’t study that part. Even though hiding part is true, I was not ready to believe she cried for such a stupid reason. My doubt got confirmed when the impossible happened she skipped the exam that day. As far as I know her, she will do it only if she’s dead….broken.   Days passed by and it was our farewell day.I got into a personal chat with her. While during casual talk, I asked her what’s happening between him and her. She smiled which made me ask “what about other girl”. She smiled again and replied “yes, I love him but he don’t”. She continued “In the beginning he only loved her but she hadn’t said yes but now she also accepted that she loves him”. She took a deep breath. I can see tears filling her eyes. She asked “You remember the day I skipped the exam?”. I nodded. She replied ” That was the day she accepted his love. Till then I too had doubt about my feelings towards him whether it’s love or just deep friendship but when he told me she accepted, an unbearable pain began inside me which made me realize I’m in love may be deeply in love with him”. Still I was confused. I asked then why are you still with him. Her reply was shocking ” He always says he’s alone. I want to make him realize he’s not alone. I want to make all his wishes come true.I want to be there whenever he needs a friend. Even though she told she loves him, he feels there is no guarantee. He makes me feel special and also he always says me and her are equal for him” . What? How can he consider a friend and lover as equal? It means either he himself is confused whom he likes more or he is a flirt and cheating her. I felt his uncertainty is the reason which is holding her back from going away from him. College days got over and everyone became busy with their life. I never heard much from her. Now, her wedding with a stranger proves that he selected his lover. What happened between them after college is still unknown. On her D day, heard from her best friends that their relationship had gone farther after college but none sure of what happened. Love is blinded and true love for a girl like her will be life and I know she would have waited for him till last moment. I hope her husband keeps her happy and shower all happiness and love on her which she has missed. I wish her a happy married life and a great future!!!

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