Love… just a four letter word but also the strongest word ever known. It comes as a package of happiness, excitement, sadness, pain, sweetness, sourness and list goes on. Everyone has their own definitions of love. Some believes in love at first sight while some believes in love through friendship. Whatever the path to love is everyone wishes to get true love in life.

So here’s the question what love mean to me? Love means friendship. It’s true, falling in love is not in one’s hand. One can fall in love with anyone at any time no matter who the person is. But one can fall in true love only after knowing the other. It’s not necessary all close friends become lovers but lovers should be close friends.

Love means life. Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. When one falls in love, a special kind of happiness flows through his/her heart as if he/she has got the best gift of life.  It opens door to a new path in life which was invisible till now and lead to a future which was never imagined before.

Love means sacrifice.  True love has two faces like a coin has two sides. If one face symbolize for happiness other is for pain. Sometimes people who have selected to walk together along the path of love will have to separate their paths. Circumstance is the villain here and no one has control over it.

Love means betrayal. Actually I’m wrong. Love has three faces not two. The third face is one sided love. It’s the devil face of love. Sometimes it happens that one will fall for other but the other may not. One reason can be other is in another relation or can’t see other as a lover or was just flirting as a time pass. Whatever may be the reason, he/she may feel betrayed and lost. They feel like shattered and smashed. I addressed it as devil’s face of love as I always felt ‘Life is a maze and once you lose your way, it will take time to find the right path’.

Whatever form love takes in life, one will never regret for falling in love. Love is a necessary evil. As it has the power to build one’s life, it also has the power to destroy. Today, on this Valentine’s Day I wish everyone “to love and to be loved “Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

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