31st Jan 2011…

When you have already celebrated silver jubilee of your life, you know you have lived best part of your life which you can never get back. For many, it’s the decision phase of life. I’m sure almost 99% of who has crossed this golden period of life,  will have an unforgettable day in their life. It can be either a day your dream came true or a day you woke up from your dream to face the reality of life.
If I think of such an unforgettable day of life no other day suit other than 31st January 2011. It was just a normal day, with the daily routines. But when seen through my eyes, it’s the day which changed my life. The day, which forced me to wake up from my dream which I was living for past 3 and half years. Even though I knew beforehand it was only a beautiful dream, I was not ready to come out of it. As we say, umeed pe duniya kayam hein, I was hanging on that 0.0000000001% hope of making it a reality. The day, that left my life blank. The day, that erased all hopes, wishes and expectations in life. The day, that took away all feelings inside me . The day, that changed me and molded me to become another person. Today after 3 years from that dreadful day, I can still feel the emptiness in my heart created on that day as none was able to fill it.

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