Expect the Unexpected

Number ‘13’, when we hear it, first thing that comes to our mind is ‘something is going to be wrong’.  Even if one is not superstitious, he will try not to have a function on 13th.  In similar line, I too thought 2013 is not gonna be a good year and trust me, in the beginning of the year I even started to feel it’s going to be true. To my surprise, everything took a turn. I got a new job, new home and many happy moments took place. It was like a dream. Cracking an interview which I never thought of, becoming an owner of a house, seeing sis happily wedded, witnessing my best friends wedding which proved true love always win. Seriously, it was a splendid year which added lots of sweet memories to my life.  With lots of happiness and gratitude I say adieu to 2013 and wish 2014 will be much better.

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